Grind Spark Earworm #2 – Jackson and His Computerband

Last week I kicked off the Grind Spark playlist with Genesis by Justice.

Next up, we’ve got something for the long, dark winding roads.

Something for driving with the headlights ramped up.

Something for smoking in the back.

Something for cutting out the buzz.

Something for smoothing out the cut.

Something to make it better.

Or make it seem better.

Or make you forget.

But it’s all dirt and grinding and flashing lights and zone out and see where you end up.

It’s Utopia by Jackson and His Computerband.

Listen with headphones.

One Comment

  1. […] week’s Grind Spark earworm was Utopia by Jackson and his Computerband. Not listened to it yet? Well take your ears and scrub them with the sounds, scrub them […]


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