Shhh… It’s only more free shit

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Don’t you be a-telling nobody, now.

This is just between you and me, right?

I mean, you and me, like, you and me and the rest of the entire internet, right? The internet is ok. The internet knows how to keep a secret. Just ask Twitter.

But other than that, we’re all hush-hush, right?

Pinky finger… PINKY FINGER!


Because I’ve got to tell you, I’ve only gone and put more free shit up for you to read.

The Alarmist MagazineRemember Me first appeared in The Alarmist Magazine – a beautifully stunning concoction of the weird and the dark. You should so go and buy yourselves a copy of any and all of their editions, even if it’s just to frame it on your wall (never leave a wall naked, it’s just not decent).

Read Remember Me here.

Check out The Alarmist Magazine here.

And remember – use the sharing buttons below to never tell another living soul about this.

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