Feed me horror, fiends

Horror time at the Dust Lounge

So, I finished a pretty darn big project last week.

I mean finished it.

I mean edited it right through to the end, and now, I think, most of the words are in nearly the right order. Or as much in the right order as they’re going to get for now.

*Insert balloons, wine, general mirth and merriment here*

And so, I’m already heading into the new, unknown territory of a story that’s been needling at the edges of my brain for quite some time.

But I’ll tell you more about that later.

Now I’m looking to feed my brain some horror.

Now I’ve got a craving for something to read or watch that makes me shiver.

I’m not talking all out blood and guts.

I’m talking unsettling.

I’m talking maybe I might just check the front door one more time before I go to bed.

I’m talking the classics.

I’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby, Psycho, The Exorcist.

I’ve read Stephen King’s The Shining, and its follow up Doctor Sleep.

I’ve already got my eye on Maniac (with Elijah Wood departing somewhat from his Frodo Baggins role).

But I’m especially thinking of some of the old school classics. Some of the horror films that defined the genre.

Think: all those films that were referenced in The League of Gentlemen.

So I need your suggestions – what are your favourite horror films? What are the books that stop you from sleeping at night? What makes you keep the landing light on?

Share the scares in the comments below… I am waiting to be disturbed.

Feed me horror, fiends.

PS I have a penchant for zombies, love a bit of The Walking Dead.

PPS I’ve not seen the latest season of The Walking Dead yet so no spoilers please. If you do, I’ll be forced to trip you up in the next zombie apocalypse 😉