Finally, sitting under a new roof

Or, well, an old roof, it being a somewhat old house.

You might remember me talking about moving a few months ago. Well, due to flat and agent failures that move never happened.

But now it has, just to a different house this time.

I’ve repacked and re-unpacked and now I’ve fought with flatpack*, roughly arranged items in the rooms that they might live in, and I’m left to pottering around the house wondering where the taxidermied monkey foot might look best. (Always the fun bit – prime candidate is probably the bedroom door).

And this is an old house, most likely full of ghosts.

This is a house full of creaking floorboards.

This is a house with a dark well in the courtyard.

This is not a house to watch The Ring in.

And now the move is done the WIPs are getting dusted off and beaten into shape… once I’ve found a place to put the sheep skull. And it’s all starting to feel like home.


*I am covered in bruises, minimal blood was shed, and after two days of solid wood battles I declare myself the winner – one more step on my path to becoming Dark Knight of the Flatpack Realm.