The Flash Dogs are coming

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Today I’m actually gonna go ahead and share some news.

I mean, COMING SOON news. The type of news that means that now you just gotta keep on watching and waiting cos it’s not quite here yet. But it’s goddamn great news.


Don’t know the Flash Dogs? Well, then, you need to get yourselves over to their Twitter page and hangout on the #flashdogs hashtag. Darn it, you might even just find yourself joining in.

They’re a bunch of the finest people and most entertaining writers of flash fiction I’ve had the pleasure to meet in the Twitterverse, and they’ve only gone and put together an anthology of flash fiction which is COMING SOON (*ahem* just in time for Christmas, perchance *ahem*). I’ve been honoured to have a few of my pieces included, among what promises to be a mix of the bizarre to the beautiful, all in bitesize readerly pieces.

Follow them on the Twitter-machine for the latest updates and more official news-type related information, and I’m sure I’ll be posting again about them here in the not too distant future.

If it sparks your fancy then it’d be a right and proper grand thing if you could help spread the word (please and thankyou, gratitude expressed in imaginary digital beer and bona-fide genuine good cheer) – share this post, drop a tweet, use the teaser image below to link back to Flash Dogs. (Usual drill, if you right click and save the picture you can use it to spread the word on your own parts of the interwebs).

And so this proper news-esque interlude comes to an end.

For now…

Ta very much, fiends.

Flash Dogs An Anthology

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