The FlashDogs are here

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Remember that COMING SOON news I shared?

Seen all the tweeting and general excitement on the social nettings?


And they’ve brought with them an anthology, stuffed to bursting with some of the finest flash fiction from all over the world.

So, without further ado, here’s why you’ve got to get up, right now, and go buy this book.

*Only kidding, you’re quite welcome to stay sitting down*

1. It’s a whole lot of stories

It’s ONE HUNDRED AND TEN stories, guys. One hundred and ten. That’s two ones and a big fat zero, and they’re broken down into bitesize chunks that you can read on the bus or on your coffee break. You might even sneak one in at the Christmas dinner table while Grandpa tells that story about how the turkey didn’t defrost properly and everyone got the shits during the Queen’s speech. Again.

2. It’s a whole lot of authors

Thirty-four to be precise. All with different styles, stories and brilliant brain worms to get lost in.

3. It’s got my words in

Yeah, ok – *shameless plug saxon alert* – the FlashDogs were kind enough to take me in as one of their own and include two of my stories in the anthology. But don’t let that put you off.

4. It’s not got my words in

Oh damn, that put you off, right? Well, you’re in luck, with another thirty-three writers, there’s plenty to distract you.

5. It’s for CHARITEEE

Yep. That’s right. The profits go to charity. And no, I don’t mean the “Bottle of Wine for the Christmas Party” charity. I mean a proper one. I mean IBBY. That’s The International Board on Books for Young People. They’re a non-profit organisation committed to bringing books and children together. And that’s pretty darn cool.

6. You might just want to join in

The FlashDogs don’t just write. They encourage you to write. They run as a pack on Twitter and they’re inviting you to join them. Find them on the #FlashDogs hashtag, or as @FlashDogs. (*Notice how I managed to completely avoid saying ‘they don’t bite’ – that took ALL OF THE WILL POWER*)

Special shoutouts here have got to go to Mark King and David Shakes for bringing the FlashDogs anthology out of the mists of Twitter and into reality, and Emily June Street for editing and building such a beautiful book. And let’s add to that the wonderful Natalie Bowers who only bloody well donated her well deserved book promotion prize to the FlashDogs’ cause.

FlashDogs Anthology

So, to summarise:

Go buy the FlashDogs anthology.

Go buy our anthology.

Go make it your anthology.



Please and thank you.



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