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This year, I’ve signed up to the Goodreads reading challenge.

That is to say, I’ve marked down in digital pixels a number of books that I’m hoping to read during the course of the year.

I’ve signed up to read 25 books.

I’ve not said what books. I’ve not said how long the books should be. I’ve not picked genre, author or title. Just a pledge to read that many books.

And I hope to read more than that.

Not because I want to ‘win’ the challenge, but because reading is goddamn cool. Because it’s not about quality, but about finding books that make your heart heave and your stomach churn and your brain tell you that it’s a really grand idea to stay up until 3am on a school night because you just have to know what happens next.

But I won’t just be reading.

This year, I’ll also be watching things – movies, televisual shows, eye extravaganza.

And, to hell with it, this year I’ll goddamn be listening to things too. Podcasts, radio shows, and some of them ol’ album things as well.

And, weirdly, I think I’ve done these things before. But I’ve never made much of an effort to share them.

Which is bad. Because sharing is good. Except when it’s me talking about toilet habits or bed clothes or cat vomit. Perhaps sharing those things isn’t so good. Is it? I’m not sure. Did I tell you about the time the Beast tried to dry heave on my face while I was sleeping? Did you want to know? I digress.

And during this whole crazy escapade, I’m guessing you’re gonna be reading and watching and listening as well. And you’re gonna be reading and watching and listening to things that are so damn good that I’m gonna be wanting to get a bit of that creative biscuit as well.

And it’s good to share, because that’s how you find out about cool things that you’d not come across before. I hadn’t heard of the song Turn Down for What until Gabriel Novo metioned it on Twitter, and then it became part of the playlist for my little ol’ book Grind Spark. So here’s to sharing the inspirational mind-feeds fiends.

This week’s inputs:

Reading: Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig. Spending time with Miriam Black is like meeting an old friend and getting into a lot of trouble but not caring because, hell, that was a whole lot of fun.

Watching: The Bridge, Season Two. Yes, I know I’m behind. No spoilers, please. Weirdly, it’s the humour between Martin and Saga that keep me hooked on this. The humour and the dark crime.

Listening: I’m afraid of Americans. Because it would be wrong not to have a bit of Bowie on around about now. If you want a whole album, then I’d go for Outside. So much strange, so much writerly goodness.


Your turn, fiends. Share and share alike. My reading-watching-listening pile is waiting for your brain splurges. Please and thank you.

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