It’s nearly FlashDogs time

Time to read:

1 minute

And by that, I mean that they’ve done it again – they’re bringing out their third anthology, full of beautiful story nuggets, flash fiction to fill your coffee breaks with, tales to disappear from the world in. And for this third instalment, it’s all about Time.

About the past.

About the present.

About the future.

And it will officially be arriving on Chinese New Year, 8 February, buy why wait when you can pre-order your copy now, right now.

And there’s old faces and new faces sharing their words. No stories from me in this one as other projects have been stealing my writing hours, but happily I did find time to play with the cover again (always a lot of fun). And once again all of the proceeds will be donated to charity, the Book Bus.

So y’all can get yourself a piece of Time by checking in here, and find out more about the FlashDogs at their website, perhaps even join them on Twitter. I may have mentioned this before, but they’re a mighty fine bunch of friendly, writerly folk.

FlashDogs Time

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