Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day and all the joys it may or may not bring. Today is mostly a day of vomit inducing romantified couples paying for overpriced meals and polluting my social media feeds with over-eager double-selfies and #blessed hashtags.

Just… damn… lovely, ain’t it?

So to stay true to the mood, and because the year hasn’t had enough joy in it yet, here’s to getting in the loved up spirit, with a list of some lovely things.

Sans romance.

  • I love cheese
  • I love zombie things
  • I love sloths, squeaking
  • I love cheese
  • I love a lazy sofa day
  • I love that minute when the character you’re writing doesn’t do what you think they’re going to do
  • I love Columbo
  • I love a glass of wine
  • I love cats, in particular the Diester
  • I love cheese
  • I love sunny, cold days
  • I love a good book
  • I love dogs, because you don’t need to pick sides
  • I love thinking about what I’m going to be when I grow up
  • I love the autumn
  • I love a good cup of coffee
  • I love cheese
  • I love friends
  • I love family
  • I love cheese

And now, fiends, I might have lied about the romance – off to light a candle (then quickly put it out again before the Diester tries to eat it), pour a glass of wine and see if the latest Walking Dead episode is ready to pick up the pace again.

Spread the love, fiends.

Especially if it is served with a healthy portion of cheese on the side.

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