Double Vision – free short reads for a long weekend

Free shots of weird words for a long weekend – get Double Vision for no pennies now #FreeEbook

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Do you write with plots or pants?

Here’s the question – are you a plotter or a pantser?

Do you work out the ins-and-the-outs of what’s going to be happening in that story you’re about to tell, or do you sit down and let your pants take you where they will?

Are you an organised planner, or do you set a fire under yourself and write by the seat of your literary pants?

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Chatting with Mark A King – author of Metropolitan Dreams

Today I am all sorts of pleased to welcome Mark A King to the Dust Lounge. The author of brilliant debut novel Metropolitan Dreams, and general all around top dude, we chatted about all things bookish, inspiration and cheese.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the good stuff.

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On writing about bloody good books

Let’s talk about the life blood of authors. That’s reviews, right? I mean, after wine, cheesy pasta, and a good set of pyjamas. It’s reviews. Still, that makes them damn important. …Mmm, cheesy pasta… Because there’s so many books you could pick up and read, it all starts to boil down to how you pick…

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Official Belated Grind Spark Book Launch day

Howdy fiends.

Aaaannnnd, after an impromptu hiatus, I’m back, in a slightly quieter Dust Lounge.

But not for too much longer, as soon enough we’ll be finding some new fur-babies to chase away the emptiness.

But, in the meantime, you’re stuck with me and my harmonicas. And we are back in business.

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Are you NaNoWriMo-ing?

Are you? Well, are you? Of course, if you’ve not heard of NaNoWriMo, then there’s a fairly high possibility that you think I might be talking about some new trendy form of high-rise city slicker drug parties, or perhaps a new type of technical hackery that’s gradually taking over the interwebs when we’re not watching.…

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