Grind Spark News – Release Imminent

I know, I apologise – to be fair it has still been quite hot here, so it’s kind of summer in spirit. Also, life has a way of getting in the way and things happen and then months have gone shooting by along with your deadlines.

So here we are, eagerly anticipating the onset of autumn, and it brings with it GRIND SPARK LAUNCH NEWS.

Zombies and life choices

Every day you have to make life choices. Perhaps it’s what to wear to work, what to have in your sandwich or whether to move to that place in the mountains with the world’s shoddiest internet but an abundance of hedgehogs living in the cellar. Admittedly, not all of those are big life choices, but they’re still choices that you’re making in your life all the same. But the big question is how do you make these choices? Why go for cheese in between the stale slices of bread instead of spam? Roll a dice? Pick a card? Play sandwich roulette…