Grind Spark News – Release Imminent

I know, I apologise – to be fair it has still been quite hot here, so it’s kind of summer in spirit. Also, life has a way of getting in the way and things happen and then months have gone shooting by along with your deadlines.

So here we are, eagerly anticipating the onset of autumn, and it brings with it GRIND SPARK LAUNCH NEWS.

Grind Spark Earworm #11 – The Prodigy

This week I am finally able to share the news that Grind Spark hit the longlist for the Bath Novel Award – one of only 32 novels out of 649. This is all pretty darn cool and since I heard the news I have celebrated appropriately with wine, beer, chair dancing and shouting HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS? NO, WAIT, I CAN’T SAY YET BUT IT’S AS EXCITING AS A KANGAROO FIRING PARTYPOPPERS FROM ITS POUCH. Ok, well, maybe not that exciting. But I’m not sure anything is ever more exciting than kangaroos. But enough shouting and partying, time to…