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Creative Input: the weird and the blues

First up – there’s still time to enter my giveaway to win a signed print copy of Double Vision. You’ve got ‘til Monday 2nd May at 5pm BST and all you’ve gotta do is follow me on Twitter and retweet the below tweet.

Easy, right?

But right now it’s time for some creative input. I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about me recently (apologies) so time for a refreshing break into cool stuff made by cool people. Here’s what’s making my brain coils party at the moment.

Reading: Currently reading David Wong’s John Dies at the End. So far, a lot of fun. A lot of weird-ass fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked this up (not seen the film, or read any other of Wong’s books). And so far, I’m still not sure what to expect, and that’s very much a good thing.

Watching: Z Nation is my current televisual vibe. Ok, so I’ve finished watching The Walking Dead – I’m not sure what I thought about it yet – I mean, it was good, but I feel like there is something more about it I need to process, something I’ll probably write a blog post about soon. But in the meantime, Z Nation is full of some badly needed lighter-hearted zombie relief. (And, noticeably improving with each episode).

Listening: I’m very much back on my blues harmonica fix at the moment – a surefire way to cheer up after a long day at work, listening to Muddy Waters Sings Delta Blues and dreaming that I’m in a whole different place and a much better harmonica player.

What about you? I’m off to sort out my to-be-read pile – if you don’t hear from me for a while I might be buried in books. Put out a search party and bring coffee.

Win a signed print copy of DOUBLE VISION

So DOUBLE VISION is a thing.

A real-life bona fide thing that exists and I can touch it and I can sniff it and I can lick it.

And I want to give one to you!

Don’t worry, I won’t lick your copy.

To celebrate the launch of DOUBLE VISION tomorrow I’m giving away a signed print copy right now. All you need to do is head over to Twitter land, then follow me and retweet this pinned tweet. Easy, right?

You got ’til 5pm (British Summer Time) on Monday 2nd May, at which point I’ll pick one lucky winner at random.

See you in Twitter land.

Double Vision Giveaway


If you were a book pusher what book would you push?

Did I mention that Double Vision is out on Saturday? Did I mention that it’s only bloody well available for pre-order now? Yes? Maybe once or twice?

Well, in an unscheduled interlude to the Double Vision public service announcements, and a possible break (but no guarantees) from cat pictures, let’s talk about books.

Ah, them damn fine lovely booky smelling books.



Ah, riffle the pages, smell them fine booky smells.


Hang on – you want more book talk? More serious book talk?

Sheesh, if you insist.

So, it was World Book Night in the weekend, and hey, World Book Night works – it gets people into reading that maybe weren’t so into reading before. It takes great books, gives them to people, and infects them with reading fever.

Forget buying classics and pretending to like them so you can look ‘cool’ and ‘intelligent’ in front of your ‘friends.’ I’m not entirely sure who actually would do that, but apparently some people do.

It’s about enjoying the wordage, getting sucked into the story, laughing or crying or hiding under the duvet.

So, in the spirit of sharing the fun – what one book would you give to someone to get them into reading? It might not be your all-time favourite book. It might not be a recent read. What’s that book you always have in the back of your mind when someone says they’re not that into reading and your brain is screaming READ THIS, READ THIS GODDAMN YOU, HOW COULD YOU NOT JUST LOVE THIS BOOK?


It’s taken me a while to land on just one, and it surely changes day to day, but I’m gonna throw The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes down. Spanning the crime, thriller and supernatural genres with a few things in between, there’s a bit of something for everyone. I love Beukes’s writing, fast paced and hard hitting. My favourite book (although hard to pick) by Beukes would probably be Moxyland, but The Shining Girls would be the one I’d champion for the new-to-reading-reader.

So what’s your pick? What book would you give that’s gonna give people the reading bug? Share in the comments or over in Twitter-land.

And did I say I wouldn’t mention anything about cats? I might have lied about that…


Double Vision – available to pre-order now

I’m just dropping by the dust lounge, casually leaving this link here for y’all.

When I say ‘casually’, I mean I’m basically falling over my own feet and my head feels like it’s got a party of drunk squirrels inside it but I’m just gonna play it cool because if I let them out they might just run riot and throw some tellies out of some windows and that’s gonna really piss the neighbours off.

But, I mean, this crazy squirrel buzz is because DOUBLE VISION – COLLECTED SHORT STORIES is now available to pre-order (!) – yes, there’s this listing on amazon and it’s got my words all over it and damn did I make a mess. Hopefully a good mess. Hopefully a mess you might enjoy.

Should you feel so inclined you can mosey on over and click that pre-order button and then you’ll get yourselves a nice shiny e-book into your e-reader of choice come the end of the month.

But what are you getting? What exactly is your hard earned 99 pence gonna put back in your pocket?

Here’s the lowdown:

Double Vision

Take a trip through the darker side of our human condition. Travel through near futures where computers are alive, entertainment is ruthless, and our moral lines are blurred.

DOUBLE VISION is a short collection of shorter stories and flash fiction. Some you’ll have seen in the wild, others are brand new to this book and eager for your eyes. Featuring sixteen tales knitting together 16,000 words, there’s lunch-time length nuggets of horror, science fiction and the occasional side-order of humour.

DOUBLE VISION also includes an exclusive extract from GRIND SPARK, a near future dystopian novel coming summer 2016.

Pre-order now, release date 30th April 2016: Amazon UK | Amazon US

    “A sinister commentary on how we have submitted our personal lives as candidates for observation – frequently quite voluntarily and happily – by persons unknown.” – Alice LaPlante on Digital Eyes

The collection includes:

Kicking up dust
Remember Me
Goodbye, Luscious Pretty
Job Hunting
Cold Calls and Roses
Digital Eyes
Channel 52
Double Vision
Seventh Floor Consulting
When the sun falls in streamers
Straw Man
Blood stains grouting
Lost in Rorschach
Exclusive Extract – Grind Spark

Your indie book shout outs

Double Vision

First things first – you lot are bloody lovely you are.

It’s true.

Since my last post where I shared the news about venturing into the lands of self publishing, I’ve had so many kind messages offering support, advice and general all round fuzziness it nearly made me emoticon everywhere. It means a lot to hear from you.

In order to avoid criminal emoticonage, I hereby present to you this video to express my fuzzy gratitude.


Since then, things have been steadily progressing (my face mostly looking like one big question mark during the whole process) but Double Vision – Collected Short Stories is coming together. Formatting checks and preview copies are under way, which leaves a decision to be made; RELEASE DATE(!) So right now I’m aiming for 30th April. Yep, deadlines is deadlines and targets is targets and that’s where I’m gonna aim for, and writing it down in this here internet land means I’m just gonna have to do that now, right?

But, enough about me.

Stepping into the self publishing world is scary, it’s daunting, and it’s so bloody large and I can’t swim and bloody hell these arm-bands have a hole in and… glug…sputter….

So to help me tread water, I want to hear your best indie published reading suggestions to add to my reading list. I want to know the self published books that make you laugh or make you cry or just make you feel weird and slightly disorientated.

To kick us off, I’m going to say that The Gantean by the wonderfully talented wordsmith Emily June Street is already on my reading list, along with Head Traumas by the surreal bird king James Knight, and The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes by the ever lovely Liz Hedgecock.

So, over to you – shout out in the comments or over on Twitter.

I’m off to finalise some edits. ‘Til next time, fiends.

Stepping into self-publishing

Double Vision Coming Soon

This is it, guys.

This is me, checking out my New Year’s resolution-y things and getting some plans in place.

And it’s time to get some wordy goodness out there in bookish form, which you’ll hopefully enjoy and share and generally have a damn good time with.

It’s scary, stepping into self-publishing.

Stepping in.

Stepping out.

Tripping on my shoelaces and teetering at the top of the stairs.

*flails arms*

But it’s damn exciting too, right?

It’s a big learning curve – looking at formatting, design, marketing – all those things that eat into the actual writing hours that are so goddamn precious. There’s information everywhere – what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, what you should think about doing, what you should never even contemplate doing. And there’s all you lovely people out there who are already publishers of your own work (which is amazing and cool and *pops party poppers and offers you cake*), and all your advice is greatly appreciated.

And I know what you’re asking…

So, what’s the plan?

First up, I’m cutting my teeth with a collection of my short stories – Double Vision. You’ll have seen some here at the Dust Lounge, or roaming in the wild in FlashDogs anthologies or elsewhere in the internet-lands. Others are brand new to the collection – never before seen words that are eager to join the party. Not only that, but there will also be an excerpt from my novel Grind Spark, planned for release later in the year.

But when, goddamn you, when?

As we speak/type/read I’m finishing the formatting and running final edit checks on Double Vision. The actual release date is to be confirmed, but I will keep you posted – provisionally I’m looking to share this with you all by the end of April. You can stay updated here, or at Twitter and Facebook.

How can I help?

Well, if you’re offering, then some extra strong coffee and a massive piece of chocolate cake would go down a proper treat right now. Carrot cake would also be acceptable. But, putting my proper serious face on for a second, if my writing is the sort of writing you like to read then any shares, reads, reviews and general good vibes would put me in a proper state of glowing-fuzzy-happiness.

Like I said, this is a massive learning curve, one that could be the featured ride in some sort of extreme authorly theme park. And so, if you’re a publisher-author, then any tips and advice would be received gratefully and paid for with copious digital wine.

Thanks for reading, fiends, I hope you enjoy coming with me on this crazy self-publishing ride.

*straps into rollercoaster*

*feels a bit sick*

*smiles for camera*