Double Vision – free short reads for a long weekend

Free shots of weird words for a long weekend – get Double Vision for no pennies now #FreeEbook

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On cover design. Because it matters.

I love covers.

I really love covers.

I’m not talking about musical covers. (As an aside, if we were talking about musical covers then I’d point you in the direction of Tori Amos’s Strange Little Girls album. Just covers. Just bloody awesome.)

I’m talking about book covers.

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Creative Input: the weird and the blues

First up – there’s still time to enter my giveaway to win a signed print copy of Double Vision. You’ve got ‘til Monday 2nd May at 5pm BST and all you’ve gotta do is follow me on Twitter and retweet the below tweet. Win a signed copy of DOUBLE VISION. Out 30th April. Follow and…

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Win a signed print copy of DOUBLE VISION

So DOUBLE VISION is a thing. A real-life bona fide thing that exists and I can touch it and I can sniff it and I can lick it. And I want to give one to you! Don’t worry, I won’t lick your copy. To celebrate the launch of DOUBLE VISION tomorrow I’m giving away a…

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If you were a book pusher what book would you push?

Did I mention that Double Vision is out on Saturday? Did I mention that it’s only bloody well available for pre-order now? Yes? Maybe once or twice? Well, in an unscheduled interlude to the Double Vision public service announcements, and a possible break (but no guarantees) from cat pictures, let’s talk about books. Ah, them…

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Double Vision – available to pre-order now

I’m just dropping by the dust lounge, casually leaving this link here for y’all. When I say ‘casually’, I mean I’m basically falling over my own feet and my head feels like it’s got a party of drunk squirrels inside it but I’m just gonna play it cool because if I let them out they…

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Your indie book shout outs

First things first – you lot are bloody lovely you are. It’s true. Since my last post where I shared the news about venturing into the lands of self publishing, I’ve had so many kind messages offering support, advice and general all round fuzziness it nearly made me emoticon everywhere. It means a lot to…

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Stepping into self-publishing

This is it, guys. This is me, checking out my New Year’s resolution-y things and getting some plans in place. And it’s time to get some wordy goodness out there in bookish form, which you’ll hopefully enjoy and share and generally have a damn good time with. It’s scary, stepping into self-publishing. Stepping in. Stepping…

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