Grind Spark – the complete earworm sessions

It’s time to close the book on Grind Spark. Not completely, there’s still tweaks and edits afoot. But times are a-changing and new WIPs (Work in Progress, Walrus in Pants, Wet Insidious Pulses… whatever takes your fancy) with whole new earworms are calling. So it’s time to wrap up the Grind Spark playlist. I present to you here, in one place, for your most decadent earjoy, the majority of songs that I listened to while fighting words and wrestling keyboards, and also while writing Grind Spark. Genesis by Justice Utopia by Jackson and His Computerband Ain’t no sunshine by Liz…

Grind Spark Earworm #2 – Jackson and His Computerband

Last week I kicked off the Grind Spark playlist with Genesis by Justice. Next up, we’ve got something for the long, dark winding roads. Something for driving with the headlights ramped up. Something for smoking in the back. Something for cutting out the buzz. Something for smoothing out the cut. Something to make it better. Or make it seem better. Or make you forget. But it’s all dirt and grinding and flashing lights and zone out and see where you end up. It’s Utopia by Jackson and His Computerband. Listen with headphones.