Saying goodbye to the Beast

You might have noticed a distinct quietness in the Dust Lounge during the launch of Grind Spark on Halloween.

No blog posts, no buy my book tweeting, no general fanfare.

Not even anything about what creepy books y’all reading, or what films you were curling up under a blanket to watch.


And it’s because of the Beast.

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The Beast – an introduction

I was reading the twitterings and surfing the internet-lands, and came across Lauren Beukes (read all of her books right now, they are just bloody great) writing about her cats over at Book Riot. A beautiful, sad, lovely post about cats and pets and how important they are. Which they are – they’re part of…

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This heinous hiatus is nearly over…

Ok. You got me. I put my hands up. There has been an overly long break between blog posts and this is something that should not be allowed to pass. *Shelters behind the Beast against volleys of rotten fruit* Suffice to say, general life, work and an impending house move (got a good feeling that…

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