5 dystopian fictions to brighten up your day

Trump in charge of America.


Boris Johnson looking after the UK’s foreign affairs.

A ‘loose woman’ won Celebrity Big Brother.

You’d be forgiven for thinking we don’t need any dystopian fictions to liven up our day to day wanderings – after watching the news perhaps we’re all bleaked out. But perhaps that’s exactly why we do need them.

Reading, watching, listening

Last time in Sharing is Good, I talked about the joys of Chuck Wendig, The Bridge and the brilliant David Bowie. I also got to hear a bit about The Man in the High Castle, a tip from Brum Radio Book Show over on Twitter, a series that’s going straight on my watch list. And in this latest instalment of reading, watching, listening, here’s the creative crack that’s been going down. Reading: Did I mention that I pretty much devoured The Death House by Sarah Pinborough? It made me cry. And it wasn’t pretty crying. It was all red eyes…