It’s 2016 and let’s not play Monopoly

First up – it’s 2016 (and a great, shining ball of Happy New Year-ness to you fine folks). I hope it’s treating you well and you’re holding the January blues at bay. Second up – it’s 2016 and hover boards are a thing, but they don’t actually hover and apparently occasionally blow up (so I’ve heard). Third up – it’s 2016 and there’s a new Star Wars film out (which, by the way, is a whole lot of fun if you’ve not had the chance to see it yet – new faces, old faces, and some excellent one-liners). And not…

Reading through 2015 – my favourite books of the year

Have a good Christmas? Yes? No? Sort of, but shouldn’t have had so much sherry that you kissed your Grandma with a bit too much tongue? Great!

Now give your Grandma her dentures back because it’s time for the obligatory BEST-OF post, right? While you’re recovering from an overdose of turkey and alcohol-fuelled Christmas pudding, here’s my top five favourite reads of 2015. Read them now, seriously. Don’t make me threaten you with all the left over toffee pennies.

And your favourite book of the year so far is…?

Well, it turns out that I blinked and we’re nearly at the half way stage of the year. More precisely, we’re six months through a year that has been filled with new things happening, old things lurking, and stuff that I don’t even know about yet but that is surely deviously loitering in the background. So today’s big question is: What’s your favourite book of the year so far? It doesn’t have to be written this year – just something you’ve read this year. Revisited any old classics? Found a new author to add to your favourites list? For me,…