Double Vision – short stories

Double Vision

Double Vision is a short collection of shorter stories and flash fiction. Featuring sixteen tales knitting together 16,000 words, there’s lunch-time length nuggets of horror, science fiction and the occasional side-order of humour.

From the back

Take a trip through the darker side of our human condition.

Travel through near futures where computers are alive, entertainment is ruthless, and moral lines are blurred.

The collection includes:

Kicking up dust • Remember Me • Goodbye, Luscious Pretty • Job Hunting • Cold Calls and Roses • Digital Eyes • Channel 52 • HTTP ERROR • Double Vision • Seventh Floor Consulting • When the sun falls in streamers • Straw Man • Push • Blood stains grouting • Lost in Rorschach • Apocalypsia • Exclusive Extract – Grind Spark

“A sinister commentary on how we have submitted our personal lives as candidates for observation – frequently quite voluntarily and happily – by persons unknown.”

— Alice LaPlante on Digital Eyes