2020 – reading roundup and the Dust Lounge Book Awards

Welcome to the 2020 reading roundup and book awards at the Dust Lounge. A mighty fine year for reading.

Books, the year’s books, and Christmas books

Say what? It’s December? Really? Very funny. *checks calendar* *screams* You mean it’s 2016? Anyway, so, I don’t have an inkling as to where this year bloody went to. I think I was busy having a coffee and a cigarette on the doorstep and 2016 just snuck around the back. Which means: It’s nearly time for Christmas Bloody hell how did I eat that much? It’s a bit goddamn chilly New year’s eve parties will get people a bit overexcited, how about we stay in tonight It’s nearly time for the best reads of the year! Huzzah. Insert party poppers…

Reading through 2015 – my favourite books of the year

Have a good Christmas? Yes? No? Sort of, but shouldn’t have had so much sherry that you kissed your Grandma with a bit too much tongue? Great!

Now give your Grandma her dentures back because it’s time for the obligatory BEST-OF post, right? While you’re recovering from an overdose of turkey and alcohol-fuelled Christmas pudding, here’s my top five favourite reads of 2015. Read them now, seriously. Don’t make me threaten you with all the left over toffee pennies.