Fear in February: Women in horror month, the writers – Part Two

As February comes to an end, in honour of Women of Horror month, here’s the second instalment of my list of fierce and ferocious female horror authors. Read them at your peril.

Fear in February: Women in horror month, the writers – Part One

It’s still February and it’s still Women in Horror month, so here’s some fierce, female horror authors to brush off any excessive February romance. Part one.

The horrors you feed me

Last week in the dust lounge, I asked you to wine and dine me with your horror suggestions. I wanted to stuff my face with the best horror films and books you could cook up. I wanted to gorge myself until the sweat poured from my eyebags and my stomach stretched around a stinking beast roiling inside it. And, fiends, you did not disappoint. Most of the suggestions came through on the pulsing veins of the social networks, so for those of you not tuned into them, I hereby serve you up a veritable feast of some of the horror…

Feed me horror, fiends

So, I finished a pretty darn big project last week. I mean finished it. I mean edited it right through to the end, and now, I think, most of the words are in nearly the right order. Or as much in the right order as they’re going to get for now. *Insert balloons, wine, general mirth and merriment here* And so, I’m already heading into the new, unknown territory of a story that’s been needling at the edges of my brain for quite some time. But I’ll tell you more about that later. Now I’m looking to feed my brain…