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Times are worrying. Why not soothe these worries with some pre-apocalyptic dystopian fiction?

Life is uncertain, it’s easy to panic, you’re cancelling plans, the guidance is unclear, you can’t get any toilet roll.

So to help send out some good vibes and contribute to the growing lists of things you can do without leaving the house, Grind Spark, my pre-apocalyptic novel is free this weekend. Don’t worry, it is about the end of the world, but viruses do not play centre stage here.

Longlisted for the Bath Novel Award 2014, Grind Spark is a near-future dystopian novel about growing up in the years leading up to the end of the world. It’s about pretending to be the perfect family. It’s about deciding whether you want to survive.

Some Amazon and Goodreads reviewers suggested it was:

“unsettling and totally gripping”

“a cutting satire of the current, selfie-obsessed, social-media-entrenched generation”

“Adrian Mole for Black Mirror fans”

“an exhilarating Ultra HD ride into a near, pre-apocalyptic future”

Also, my Mom liked it.

Here’s hoping you enjoy it too – if you do, then I’d absolutely love to hear from you. Reviews (along with coffee, wine and cheese) absolutely make this writer tick.

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