A short privacy notice for visitors to the Dust Lounge

A short privacy notice for visitors to the Dust Lounge

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires site owners to be transparent about how we collect, use and share personal data, and gives you more control over your personal data.

This site is hosted on Automattic’s WordPress and uses Jetpack. You can read their privacy policy here and check out their cookie policy here.

Automattic’s Privacy Policy

Some bits I think you might like to know:

Following The Dust Lounge

  • If you follow The Dust Lounge via WordPress then I can see your WordPress profile name in my WordPress dashboard.
  • If you follow The Dust Lounge via email then I can see your email address in my dashboard.
  • Other than potentially looking at your WordPress site if you’ve got one attached to your WordPress profile, I don’t use, or share this data for any other purpose.

Commenting on The Dust Lounge

  • If you leave a comment on The Dust Lounge, WordPress collects that information and I can see the details you include. Comments and likes are viewable by other visitors to the site, including Gravatar details or websites if you include that information.

Automatically collected data

  • WordPress automatically collects data about visits to the site, and I have the pleasure of seeing anonymised stats including such nuggets as the number of visitors and the parts of the world they were from.

What if you want your data back?

  • If you want access to the personal data stored by The Dust Lounge on WordPress, get in touch and I can ask WordPress for the information.
  • If you want a comment deleted from The Dust Lounge, just let me know and I can banish it.
  • If you don’t want to follow The Dust Lounge anymore, then you can unfollow at any time using the link at the footer of the follow emails. I might cry a little bit but that is not against the rules of GDPR.

If you want to contact me to remove a comment or retrieve your data then just let me know on the form below. This will send a notification to my outlook account. Should you be interested and not mind-bogglingly bored of privacy policies by now, then you can see Microsoft’s policy here, and be assured that I won’t be adding you to a Dust Lounge mailing list unless you request it.