Fear in February: Women in horror month, the writers – Part One

It’s still February and it’s still Women in Horror month, so here’s some fierce, female horror authors to brush off any excessive February romance. Part one.

2019 – a year of reading and the Dust Lounge Awards

My round up of the books I’ve read in 2019 – including some of the year’s most hard-hitting book awards, such as “Best zombie kangaroo of the year” and “Smartest spiders of the year”.

If you were a book pusher what book would you push?

Did I mention that Double Vision is out on Saturday? Did I mention that it’s only bloody well available for pre-order now? Yes? Maybe once or twice? Well, in an unscheduled interlude to the Double Vision public service announcements, and a possible break (but no guarantees) from cat pictures, let’s talk about books. Ah, them damn fine lovely booky smelling books. Mmmm. MMMM. Ah, riffle the pages, smell them fine booky smells. *Ahhhh* Hang on – you want more book talk? More serious book talk? Sheesh, if you insist. So, it was World Book Night in the weekend, and hey,…

It’s 2016 and let’s not play Monopoly

First up – it’s 2016 (and a great, shining ball of Happy New Year-ness to you fine folks). I hope it’s treating you well and you’re holding the January blues at bay. Second up – it’s 2016 and hover boards are a thing, but they don’t actually hover and apparently occasionally blow up (so I’ve heard). Third up – it’s 2016 and there’s a new Star Wars film out (which, by the way, is a whole lot of fun if you’ve not had the chance to see it yet – new faces, old faces, and some excellent one-liners). And not…