Did I mention that Double Vision is out on Saturday? Did I mention that it’s only bloody well available for pre-order now? Yes? Maybe once or twice?

Well, in an unscheduled interlude to the Double Vision public service announcements, and a possible break (but no guarantees) from cat pictures, let’s talk about books.

Ah, them damn fine lovely booky smelling books.



Ah, riffle the pages, smell them fine booky smells.


Hang on – you want more book talk? More serious book talk?

Sheesh, if you insist.

So, it was World Book Night in the weekend, and hey, World Book Night works – it gets people into reading that maybe weren’t so into reading before. It takes great books, gives them to people, and infects them with reading fever.

Forget buying classics and pretending to like them so you can look ‘cool’ and ‘intelligent’ in front of your ‘friends.’ I’m not entirely sure who actually would do that, but apparently some people do.

It’s about enjoying the wordage, getting sucked into the story, laughing or crying or hiding under the duvet.

So, in the spirit of sharing the fun – what one book would you give to someone to get them into reading? It might not be your all-time favourite book. It might not be a recent read. What’s that book you always have in the back of your mind when someone says they’re not that into reading and your brain is screaming READ THIS, READ THIS GODDAMN YOU, HOW COULD YOU NOT JUST LOVE THIS BOOK?


It’s taken me a while to land on just one, and it surely changes day to day, but I’m gonna throw The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes down. Spanning the crime, thriller and supernatural genres with a few things in between, there’s a bit of something for everyone. I love Beukes’s writing, fast paced and hard hitting. My favourite book (although hard to pick) by Beukes would probably be Moxyland, but The Shining Girls would be the one I’d champion for the new-to-reading-reader.

So what’s your pick? What book would you give that’s gonna give people the reading bug? Share in the comments or over in Twitter-land.

And did I say I wouldn’t mention anything about cats? I might have lied about that…


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