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I’m just dropping by the dust lounge, casually leaving this link here for y’all.

When I say ‘casually’, I mean I’m basically falling over my own feet and my head feels like it’s got a party of drunk squirrels inside it but I’m just gonna play it cool because if I let them out they might just run riot and throw some tellies out of some windows and that’s gonna really piss the neighbours off.

But, I mean, this crazy squirrel buzz is because DOUBLE VISION – COLLECTED SHORT STORIES is now available to pre-order (!) – yes, there’s this listing on amazon and it’s got my words all over it and damn did I make a mess. Hopefully a good mess. Hopefully a mess you might enjoy.

Should you feel so inclined you can mosey on over and click that pre-order button and then you’ll get yourselves a nice shiny e-book into your e-reader of choice come the end of the month.

But what are you getting? What exactly is your hard earned 99 pence gonna put back in your pocket?

Here’s the lowdown:

Double Vision

Take a trip through the darker side of our human condition. Travel through near futures where computers are alive, entertainment is ruthless, and our moral lines are blurred.

DOUBLE VISION is a short collection of shorter stories and flash fiction. Some you’ll have seen in the wild, others are brand new to this book and eager for your eyes. Featuring sixteen tales knitting together 16,000 words, there’s lunch-time length nuggets of horror, science fiction and the occasional side-order of humour.

DOUBLE VISION also includes an exclusive extract from GRIND SPARK, a near future dystopian novel coming summer 2016.

Pre-order now, release date 30th April 2016: Amazon UK | Amazon US

    “A sinister commentary on how we have submitted our personal lives as candidates for observation – frequently quite voluntarily and happily – by persons unknown.” – Alice LaPlante on Digital Eyes

The collection includes:

Kicking up dust
Remember Me
Goodbye, Luscious Pretty
Job Hunting
Cold Calls and Roses
Digital Eyes
Channel 52
Double Vision
Seventh Floor Consulting
When the sun falls in streamers
Straw Man
Blood stains grouting
Lost in Rorschach
Exclusive Extract – Grind Spark

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