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Double Vision

First things first – you lot are bloody lovely you are.

It’s true.

Since my last post where I shared the news about venturing into the lands of self publishing, I’ve had so many kind messages offering support, advice and general all round fuzziness it nearly made me emoticon everywhere. It means a lot to hear from you.

In order to avoid criminal emoticonage, I hereby present to you this video to express my fuzzy gratitude.


Since then, things have been steadily progressing (my face mostly looking like one big question mark during the whole process) but Double Vision – Collected Short Stories is coming together. Formatting checks and preview copies are under way, which leaves a decision to be made; RELEASE DATE(!) So right now I’m aiming for 30th April. Yep, deadlines is deadlines and targets is targets and that’s where I’m gonna aim for, and writing it down in this here internet land means I’m just gonna have to do that now, right?

But, enough about me.

Stepping into the self publishing world is scary, it’s daunting, and it’s so bloody large and I can’t swim and bloody hell these arm-bands have a hole in and… glug…sputter….

So to help me tread water, I want to hear your best indie published reading suggestions to add to my reading list. I want to know the self published books that make you laugh or make you cry or just make you feel weird and slightly disorientated.

To kick us off, I’m going to say that The Gantean by the wonderfully talented wordsmith Emily June Street is already on my reading list, along with Head Traumas by the surreal bird king James Knight, and The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes by the ever lovely Liz Hedgecock.

So, over to you – shout out in the comments or over on Twitter.

I’m off to finalise some edits. ‘Til next time, fiends.

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One response to “Your indie book shout outs”

  1. I would add any book by Luke Smitherd to your reading list, especially if you are after any Sci-Fi Horror. I’ve read The Man On Table Ten, In The Darkness That’s Where I’ll Know You and i am currently half way through The Stone Man. Also got the Wierd Dark short stories lined up and will be picking up another one or two of his books soon.

    Really could not recommend him enough! 🙂


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