Stepping into self-publishing

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Double Vision Coming Soon

This is it, guys.

This is me, checking out my New Year’s resolution-y things and getting some plans in place.

And it’s time to get some wordy goodness out there in bookish form, which you’ll hopefully enjoy and share and generally have a damn good time with.

It’s scary, stepping into self-publishing.

Stepping in.

Stepping out.

Tripping on my shoelaces and teetering at the top of the stairs.

*flails arms*

But it’s damn exciting too, right?

It’s a big learning curve – looking at formatting, design, marketing – all those things that eat into the actual writing hours that are so goddamn precious. There’s information everywhere – what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, what you should think about doing, what you should never even contemplate doing. And there’s all you lovely people out there who are already publishers of your own work (which is amazing and cool and *pops party poppers and offers you cake*), and all your advice is greatly appreciated.

And I know what you’re asking…

So, what’s the plan?

First up, I’m cutting my teeth with a collection of my short stories – Double Vision. You’ll have seen some here at the Dust Lounge, or roaming in the wild in FlashDogs anthologies or elsewhere in the internet-lands. Others are brand new to the collection – never before seen words that are eager to join the party. Not only that, but there will also be an excerpt from my novel Grind Spark, planned for release later in the year.

But when, goddamn you, when?

As we speak/type/read I’m finishing the formatting and running final edit checks on Double Vision. The actual release date is to be confirmed, but I will keep you posted – provisionally I’m looking to share this with you all by the end of April. You can stay updated here, or at Twitter and Facebook.

How can I help?

Well, if you’re offering, then some extra strong coffee and a massive piece of chocolate cake would go down a proper treat right now. Carrot cake would also be acceptable. But, putting my proper serious face on for a second, if my writing is the sort of writing you like to read then any shares, reads, reviews and general good vibes would put me in a proper state of glowing-fuzzy-happiness.

Like I said, this is a massive learning curve, one that could be the featured ride in some sort of extreme authorly theme park. And so, if you’re a publisher-author, then any tips and advice would be received gratefully and paid for with copious digital wine.

Thanks for reading, fiends, I hope you enjoy coming with me on this crazy self-publishing ride.

*straps into rollercoaster*

*feels a bit sick*

*smiles for camera*

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