‘A Small Violence of Breath’ in The Bureau Dispatch

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The Bureau Dispatch is a real treasure in online literary magazines, and I’m so humbled and super pleased to be included in their latest volume; Wayfinding. The brief was to write ‘stories that explore our relationships with physical (and metaphorical) spaces and places, how we orient ourselves within or among them, and how we navigate and find our way.’

Recently (and by ‘recently’ I include the timeless years since the start of the pandemic because my sense of time is truly warped) I’ve found myself dwelling on our sense of selves, our sense of space, and our place in whatever all of this is.

Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the nearness of death that the last few years has impressed upon us, maybe it’s a reaction to the chaos in the world. Whatever it is, I’m grateful to be able to explore this in stories, and for Jiksun Cheung for giving my piece such a lovely home.

Read A Small Violence of Breath over at The Bureau Dispatch, and be sure to spend some time with the other wonderful writers there too.

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