This heinous hiatus is nearly over…

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You got me.

I put my hands up.

There has been an overly long break between blog posts and this is something that should not be allowed to pass.

*Shelters behind the Beast against volleys of rotten fruit*

Suffice to say, general life, work and an impending house move (got a good feeling that this one might actually happen) rather disrupted the steady flow of writing wordage. All of these are good things, just things that have kept me preoccupied, and finding the time to hole up in my writerly spot and wear through my fingertips until my bones scratch against the keyboard has been a little difficult.

On the upside, things are now straightening out, writing will be recommencing, and once the move is complete the routine will be back with a vengeance. (I have consulted the Badger Council on this, and the Striped One with the Crown of Ashes has declared that if this does not happen I will forever be banished to living with the Evil Dolphins, and I am a terrible swimmer).

So, writing this with a glass of the good red stuff in hand, I confirm that writing season is BACK ON. And even though the posts may be a little sporadic over the next few weeks until boxes have been packed, suitcases have been hauled up and down stairs, and copious amounts of coffee have been consumed, I have NOT finally disappeared into the depths of a rabbit hole.

So this heinous hiatus is, really, nearly over. In the meantime, I leave you with the Beast for company. She will look after you well, if a little grumpily.

The Beast


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