A week of #vss365

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This week I was given the keys to the FlashDogs Head Quarters, FDHQ, and was allowed to set the prompt words for #vss365 (“Very Short Stories”). Every day I had the responsibility for picking a word or phrase that would then be used for a whole day to inspire tweet length fictions.

And damn, it was fun.

Also, jeez, there’s a tonne of words out there.

*Oh, the decisions, the decisions.*

For company, and to keep me in check, I made sure to bring the Beast and Robot Tam with me to FDHQ. They weren’t on their best behaviour.


To give you a taste of what went down, here’s some of what happened last week. This is most definitely NOT exhaustive, but just a very few of the many, many excellent stories.

DAY 1: #bars

DAY 2: #cargo

DAY 3: #digital

A personal favourite topic of mine – how the digital world meshes with the ‘real’ world, and what might happen next.

Even Robot Tam got involved…

DAY 4: #Beast

Dedicated to the grumpy cat that lurks in my house.

DAY 5: #spot

DAY 6: #circus

DAY 7: #Spark

A mini heads-up to my upcoming novel Grind Spark. I opted against going for the word ‘grind’… you never know where that could end up.

And all of these are just a tiny sampling of the joys of #vss365. I’ve handed the keys back to FDHQ for now, but head over to twitter and get your fine-selves joining in.


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