Yesterday, I was so engrossed in scrolling through Twitter on the way home from work that I completely missed my bus stop.

Yes, I was that fool. Easily distracted; shiny things, weird things, strange things, funny things. They’re all beckoning me into the internet depths like some sort of digital pied piper.

But, getting easily distracted – or committing to procrastinating – especially when I was finishing off my course last year, is so much fun. The many jewels and titbits of information you come across, the many strange old tales that hold you for a few minutes before responsibility calls, they’re tiny pieces of magic. Or at least some of them are. I think. And sometimes they turn from procrastination to inspiration to something more.

And in defence of this argument, I present just a few of my favourite, accidental finds. Feel free to fact check at leisure, although fair warning on associated risks of any googlage relating to the elephant point.

  • A woodpecker’s tongue wraps around its head to protect itself from headaches while it’s hammering away at trees. I believe this wrapping probably occurs internally, although I guess an external tongue bandage might also be useful.
  • Tattooing sphynx cats (as in, tattooing onto the cat itself) is apparently something people actually do. Honestly I can’t remember how that came up in my procrastination feed. For reference, I haven’t shaved my cats with a view to such activities, and have no plans to. Also, generally speaking I haven’t shaved my cats.
  • Apparently elephant penises (penii?) are prehensile and they can use them to prop themselves up, and to grab things. I strongly suggest not attempting to google or youtube this, particularly when at work.
  • Drive through funeral parlours are a thing. A thing that I am totally going to have to use in a story somewhere.
  • Porcupines make the goddamn most awesome sounds in the world and if you ever need cheering up then you should totally check out Teddy Bear.

But, with the internet being such a vast, diverse, strange place, there’s plenty more where that came from. What nuggets do you find, what makes you pause to procrastinate, what draws you in and distracts you as your bus stop disappears into the distance?

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