Officially claiming my writing den

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I hereby officially have my own writing den.


It’s nice to have your own space, right? A space where you can leave all the post-its out and your WIP on the right page and your mascots can cheer you on from the side-lines. A place where you can hole yourself up from the rest of the world and hammer away at your keyboard or scratch away at your favourite writing pad.

And now, since I’ve finished studying, I’ve officially set up my very own writing den. Somewhat similar to my study den, but now with fewer text books and more, well, harmonicas. So, strictly speaking, there may be some strange noises coming from the vicinity, as I attempt to continue learning some sweet harmonica tunes in interludes from the latest WIP. Also, they’re useful to burst a few notes on when the cats start ripping up the carpet, the absolute fiends.

Other items include the most mysterious robot pal (pending name allocation), and of course my alien friend always reminding me of the absolute best sci-fi horror film of all time. The walls are party to a bit of Pavlov and Freud, because there’s so much inspiration coming from psychology’s past, present and future. And a new addition, recently discovered but something I’ll be trying to use a lot more in my writing process, is a copy of Jeff Noon’s Cobralingus Filter Key. That probably deserves its own post at some point, so watch this space.

And, you may have noticed the head phones (with mic). Yes, that is entirely so I can participate in online games such as PubG (which, for reference, I am THE MOST TERRIBLE AT BUT ONE DAY MIGHT ACTUALLY MANAGE TO SHOOT SOMEONE). Yes, that’s procrastination city, but can’t win everything, right?

And finally, there’s just a little copy of Grind Spark, a world I’m seriously considering revisiting, but involves a re-read on my part first.

So there’s my little den, soon to be cluttered with more ends and oddments, and hopefully a few more words splashed about as well. But what about you? Do you have a writing den? Do you prefer to write out and about? Do you need a space to write or can you write wherever the mood takes you – the sofa, the kitchen, the toilet? Wherever you write, keep getting those words down, one after the other. Words is words, wherever your write ’em.

Here’s to having your writing space, wherever and whenever that is.

Tamara writes mainly dark, surreal tales with a touch of science fiction. Her novel Grind Spark was longlisted for the Bath Novel Award 2014.

“an exhilarating Ultra HD ride into a near, pre-apocalyptic future”

Amazon reviewer

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