That kinda sounds like the title to some sort of scandi-noir crime thriller; a single shot is heard in a blizzard, a body is missing from the morgue, a bear head is left on the steps of a school. How are they connected? Only a flawed but brilliant detective can understand… but time is against them, and the snow is drifting ever deeper…


It’s actually that I woke up this morning to snow and an appointment to have my first Covid-19 vaccine shot! Got an invitation on Thursday, booked on Friday, injected on Sunday. And gotta say I was hugely impressed with the entire operation. Rocking up to a white tent in a car park, all of my brain signals started firing to warn me that zombies are about—I can’t help it, strangely quiet streets, railings set up everywhere, tents in strange places, health warning signs, what is my brain supposed to do? But instead of anyone taking a bite out of my leg, I was simply filtered through a socially distanced queue, and sat down for a brief chat and a needle to the arm (‘wait have you done it already?’). I left with a card, and tried to say as many thank-you’s as I could, hoping my eyes showed as much of my smile as was behind my mask.

And it was only last week that I was talking about Spring and the sun, and thinking to myself it would be a long time before I’d be next in line for the vaccine. But here I am, snowed on and injected.

The scale of what’s happening is immense, and I can’t say enough about how impressive it all is. Thanks to the scientists and the NHS and the nurses, doctors, volunteers, everyone for making it happen. It’s starting to feel like a way forwards is maybe, just slightly, a little bit closer now.

I’d say something witty about 5G or electronic signals or superpowers, and that will probably come later.

But for now I am slightly in awe.

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