Heading on a social media semi-hiatus

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I’m a sporadic tweeterer. A flurry here and there of tweets about the cats or the plants or the occasional escape into the countryside.

I’m mainly a lurker, but despite mainly lurking, I still seem to find myself losing too much time to the endless scroll. Merrily or doomily scrolling has become my go-to procrastination technique so I’m unplugging, or at least going minimally plugged, for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I like checking in to see how friends are doing, to celebrate good news and to talk books or writing or randomness. But too often these days the good bits are drowned out with the latest hot takes or hate storms, and the fun gets lost in a social media quagmire. It’s impressive how much energy some people have to devote to getting angry about nothing on the internet.

It’s not all bad but it ain’t all good. I know that I probably need to have a clear-out of my feeds, but mainly I need to spend my time better (*cough* this novel ain’t gonna write itself *cough*). A bit of a break should do my brain and my WIPs some good.

So what does this hiatus look like? I ain’t hit the delete key (yet), but I won’t be checking in as much as normal for a little while. The main thing is that Twitter and Facebook are gone from my phone. It sounds a bit ridiculous but that’s where most of my procrastination scrolling goes on. I’m that person who checks in first thing in the morning and last thing at night because it’s there, because it’s easy, because it’s in part mindless and in part engaging and because I can.

I won’t be on a complete social media blackout for now, but I’ll only be logging in very sporadically on my computer. And of course, y’all can always chat in the comments here which I’ll be keeping an eye on as usual.

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to update the blog more regularly, and getting my head down to some serious word wrangling on a couple of WIPs that need far more attention than I’ve been lavishing them with. It’s nice to concentrate on the longform wordage.

But for someone who mainly lurks, why would I go to the effort of writing this post to let y’all know about a semi-hiatus? Firstly, because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m ignoring them if they don’t get responses to messages straight away. Secondly, because this post is in some ways me holding myself accountable to the start of this social media break.

So here’s me being accounted for and accountable, and being more here and less there.

Take care y’all.

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