Double Vision – collected short stories

Time to read:

1 minute

Take a trip through the darker side of our human condition.

Travel through near futures where computers are alive, entertainment is ruthless, and moral lines are blurred.

Double Vision Short Stories

DOUBLE VISION is a short collection of shorter stories and flash fiction. Some you’ll have seen in the wild, others are brand new to this book and eager for your eyes. Featuring sixteen tales knitting together 16,000 words, there’s lunch-time length nuggets of horror, science fiction and the occasional side-order of humour.

The collection includes:

Kicking up dust • Remember Me • Goodbye, Luscious Pretty • Job Hunting • Cold Calls and Roses • Digital Eyes • Channel 52 • HTTP ERROR • Double Vision • Seventh Floor Consulting • When the sun falls in streamers • Straw Man • Push • Blood stains grouting • Lost in Rorschach • Apocalypsia • Exclusive Extract – Grind Spark

“A sinister commentary on how we have submitted our personal lives as candidates for observation – frequently quite voluntarily and happily – by persons unknown.”

Alice LaPlante on Digital Eyes