Take a seat in the dust lounge

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Masked in the Dust Lounge

Welcome to the Dust Lounge. It’s not picky about who can come in. There’s no dress code. There’s no entry fee.

It’s somewhere I like to hang out.

And write.

And chat.

And eat.

And drink.

I’ll be sharing some of my writing, thoughts on writing, mind meanderings into whatever else passes through, and occasional forays into the life of Pixel the cat (sometimes known as The Beast).

And you’re all welcome to join me.

(Do join me, there’s plenty of room and I saved you a seat).

So while you’re getting comfortable, why not go take a look at some of the free nuggets of word joy I’ve made for you?

Pull up a seat, fill up your wine, read in the words.

While you’re doing that I’m back to editing Grind Spark – the novel I’m working on at the moment which you’ll hear more about later. Well, editing, or potentially procrastinating… I mean… ermm… researching… on Twitter.

Nice to meet you.

*Tops up glass*

Cheers, new dust lounge fiends.

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