Interval time at the Dust Lounge – what’s your earworm?

Image by Leontine Greenberg

It’s interval time for the Grind Spark playlist this week.

We’ve had six fine noise noodlers to tickle your phono-holes, and there will be more to come.

But this week, the earworm tables are turning.

This week the dog with the gramophone is handing over the crank stick.

This week, I’m asking you – what’s on your playlist?

What tunes get your creative head buzzing and your inspiration screaming at you that you should be making something, be creating something. AND IT SHOULD BE THIS, OR THIS, OR THIS. But whatever it is, put this song on and just bloody well go and do it.

What songs make your muse bossy?

Whack your earworms in the comments section – and if it’s one that you listen to when you’re making some specific style of creative thing (I don’t know, photographing seascapes, painting visions of hell, writing about hairy naked hedgehogs high on acid) then we won’t call that oversharing.

Now – music, please, maestro…

*Leans back, awaits songspiration, eats popcorn*