Grind Spark Earworm #6 – Boards of Canada

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How’s the Sunday roast going today? Chicken? Pork? Bean-based baked snack?

Well there’s more Grind Spark earworm to help you through the over-cooked broccoli and the burnt potatoes.

Last week we were up in the fields with Aphex Twin’s Avril 14th. Listen to it now or forever lose the secret ballerina within your soul.

And you shouldn’t lose the ballerina. Too many are lost to the wind already.

This week we’re meeting up with the masters of the underhand marketing tactics.

They released their album in the middle of the Nevada desert.

They left clues as to the location on LPs planted around the country.

They are just pretty damn cool.

And this song is for the scientists.

This song is for the people that aren’t in Grind Spark. The one’s that are trying to save the world. The one’s that already know that they’re going to lose.

This is the song that plays behind the news telling us that the world is fucked, but please donate anything you can.

This is the song that tells you that it doesn’t matter how many helicopters are in the sky, you’re still gonna die.

This song is White Cyclosa by Boards of Canada.

Listen while watching clouds.

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