Grind Spark Earworm #1 – Justice

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Everyone’s got at least one playlist, right?

There’s the mix-tape you made when you were eight by recording tracks off the tv (for my younger readers, you can find out what a tape is by watching the Antiques Roadshow next time you’re at your Gran’s).

There’s the iPod tracks you put together for your first summer holiday with your mates.

There’s the list of angst ridden songs for those days when you just can’t get out of bed.

There’s the special tracks under “things to do in the dark” that you listen to loud on your headphones and pretend that the world has disappeared.

… No…?

…Maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, for the last few weeks I’ve been editing the first draft of Grind Spark.

It’s a novel about the end of the world. Only it’s not about the end of the world. It’s just about a girl who’s living then.

And through from the writing to the editing and the future ripping apart that is inevitably going to happen, I’ve had tracks buzzing away in my head and on my stereo and generally brainwashing my mind.

So while the finished product is still being battered into something that would dare to show itself to someone that’s not… well… me, over the next few weeks I’ll share some of the songs behind the words.

Up first is Genesis by Justice.

Play it loud.

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