Spitfire by The Prodigy

This week I am finally able to share the news that Grind Spark hit the longlist for the Bath Novel Award – one of only 32 novels out of 649. This is all pretty darn cool and since I heard the news I have celebrated appropriately with wine, beer, chair dancing and shouting HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS? NO, WAIT, I CAN’T SAY YET BUT IT’S AS EXCITING AS A KANGAROO FIRING PARTYPOPPERS FROM ITS POUCH.

Ok, well, maybe not that exciting.

But I’m not sure anything is ever more exciting than kangaroos.

But enough shouting and partying, time to get back on track and it’s time for the next instalment of the Grind Spark playlist.

Last week we had Vengeance Rhythm by Two Fingers, with its most awesome video that will mean you can never look at a stuffed bear in the same way again.

This week we’re going to dance off the anger.

We’re going to dance off the rage.

We’re going to find a way to spend the last few hours of Earth having fun, fuelled by music and drugs.

And we’re going to pretend we’re happy so we can pretend we don’t hate each other.

And we’re going to smile with glassy eyes and call it love.

This week we’re listening to Spitfire by The Prodigy.

Listen to it so you can’t hear the screams outside.

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