Grind Spark Earworm #10 – Two Fingers

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Two Fingers Vengeance Rhythm

It’s time for the next instalment of the Grind Spark playlist.

Last week we took in the jittering pulses of Radiohead’s Feral. If you were busy drowning in hot cross buns and chocolate, then listen to it now.

This week I’ve been suffering from toothache.

An insistent, persistent fire in the side of my face that sprouts periodically from a bored wisdom tooth. The sort of toothache that leaves you constantly checking your chin for dribble while clutching at your cheek as if your head might completely fall off. Or explode.

It’s not that I ate lots of chocolate over Easter… no… definitely not…

*Hides wrappers and empty boxes*

No siree.


So, this Sunday, we’re taking the Grind Spark playlist not just into a club filled with latent dance-hidden rage that spills out when everything is pointless and everything is going to end.

Not just into a place where the lights are out and the dry ice is thick and the people are horny.

It’s also a place that will cover up the constant drilling pain that threatens to consume my entire jaw.

This is Vengeance Rhythm by Two Fingers.

Listen to it while I knock back aspirin and hold an ice pack to my face.

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