Did someone say it’s International Short Story Month…?

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Do you know what shit’s going down this month?


Do ya?

In a month that apparently includes “STAY UP ALL NIGHT” day, “ROOT CANAL APPRECIATION” day and the most fantastic “CHICKEN DANCE” day, it’s only bloody well International Short Story Month as well.

And do you know what this means?


Do ya?

It means that I want to hear your best short story recommendations. They can be stories you’ve written, stories by other people you love, stories that just don’t have a home to go to so you felt sorry for them and took them in.

I’ll start the ball rolling by pointing you in the direction of my own free short stories that are up here at the Dust Lounge (just saying, like). Y’all should read ‘em, tell me what you think, share ‘em.

But if we get past just talking about what I’ve been up to, I’d want to share Neil Gaiman’s book of short stories, Smoke and Mirrors. I bought this book just before I spent some time living in Tenerife for a few months, and after a period of sun soaked reading I pretty much entirely blame this book for the fact that I am once again addicted to writing words and splurging thoughts into the world.

Suffice to say, I think you should read it.

So now it’s your turn – share your stories, share the stories you love by other authors. Share them all. Whack them in the comments and we’ll spend a month partaking of short reads and drenching our brains in inspiring mini feasts of words.

I’m waiting for your words, fiends.

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3 responses to “Did someone say it’s International Short Story Month…?”

  1. ‘The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff’ by Theodore Sturgeon — gentle, beautiful and underrated… Somewhere on my shelves but can I find it…? There’s another one about a couple who died, quarrelling, on a planetoid/asteroid and their emotions affected the growth on said planetoid. Title? Author? Anyone? Age… dammit…


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