Grind Spark Earworm #4 – Radiohead

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Last week Grind Spark’s earworm gave us Liz Hodson and Josiah Wolf’s god darnit awesome cover of Ain’t No Sunshine. It’s amazing, no two way’s about it.

This week we’re moving into Radiohead territory.

If I’ve ever had a band obsession they’re probably it (or, at least, the first) – got all their albums, practice Thom Yorke-esque dancing, faint at their gigs…

So there’s no surprise that they’ve found their way into the playlist.

And this is a song for the nightclub.

A song that burns through the base of your skull as you’re tripping through corridors.

As lights cut blurred lines across your brain.

As faces spin.

This is Idioteque, listen with flashing lights.

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