World Book Day – Gimme your kids’ books

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Ring out the bells and put out the cake, it’s only WORLD BOOK DAY today!

*Sirens wail*

*Ticker tape floods the streets*

*Cat looks up, squints eyes slightly at commotion… returns to ignoring world… because… well… cats*

And, madams and sirs, we should make this a fine party because

1. Books are cool

2. Books are god darnnit damnably cool

3. Dragons*

*known to appear in books, and are cool.

And can I just say, there have been a lot of fine efforts in the fancy dress department going on – a few Where’s Wally hats and the odd Harry Potter pair of glasses sneaking across my socialising feeds.

I feel like I should, myself be kitted out in party regalia – but due to moving house circumstances everything (including all bookish material) is currently hidden in boxes that should be labelled but aren’t (because where’s the fun in finding stuff easily at the other end, eh?)

Anyway – to you party animals, I applaud you. Fine work, people. Fine work indeed!

So – the big question from the man with the tails and the copper trombone is…

*Drumroll, please*

What was your favourite book as a kid? What was the book that kept you up all night reading it? Maybe it scared you… or made you cry… or hell, maybe it even made you laugh (that is a viable option, and perfectly allowed).

Mine would be Dr Seuss’s The Butter Battle Book. For the words and the pictures and the hours of imagining strange ol’ creatures. Plus an early satirical introduction into the senslesness of war… what more can you want?

Share your favourite books in the word space below, reading fiends. I need more kid’s words to read.

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One response to “World Book Day – Gimme your kids’ books”

  1. Some good suggestions coming in on Twitter, including: Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present, the Faraway Tree books, Nicobobinus, the Runaway Dinner, the Weasel Puffin Unicorn Baboon Pig Lobster Race, and Beware of the Frog…


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