Grind Spark Earworm #3 – Liz Hodson & Josiah Wolf

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1 minute

Last week’s Grind Spark earworm was Utopia by Jackson and his Computerband. Not listened to it yet? Well take your ears and scrub them with the sounds, scrub them now.

This week the playlist is changing direction.

This week the earworm is tired and coming down and locking the door because it doesn’t want to speak to anyone.

The party’s finished and now we’re sitting in puddles of vodka and piss with vomit soaking into our jeans.

Now we’re lighting another cigarette off the end of the last one.

Now we’re staring at the wall without seeing it.

Now we’re trying not to think of anything, but last night’s hurt plays constant repeat on the back of our eyeballs.

Now it’s all we can do to take one breath after another.

Now it’s time to listen to Liz Hodson & Josiah Wolf’s version of Ain’t no sunshine.

And try not to do anything too bad.

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