Grind Spark Earworm #5 – Aphex Twin

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It’s that time again.

Time for the Sunday roast and your weekly hit from the Grind Spark playlist. The next Grind Spark earworm. The EARWORM OF THE WEEK.

Somehow, that sounds like something we should get checked out at the doctors.


Back to business.

Last week, it was all about Radiohead, which I’m sure by now you’ve heard but if not then get your crazy dancing ready and listen to it now.

And now take your dancing shoes off. Take them off, leave them by the door.

Unless you’re a plastic ballerina.

Because this song goes with the music box.

This song is for when everything’s empty and nobody’s about and that’s how you want it.

This song is for when you’re alone and when you’re happy.

This song is Avril 14th by Aphex Twin.

Listen from the top of a hill.

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