Grind Spark Earworm #13 – Moloko

Moloko Killa Bunnies

Woah, it’s only come around to that Grind Spark playlist time again. There’s been less posts recently due to my head being buried in a couple of new WIPs and running through final edits on Grind Spark – don’t worry though, there’s wordage being stored up to shortly be spewed into bloggity format for your eyeball delectation.

Last week we went on a little trip off piste to check out DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What. I trust you all played it appropriately loud.

This week I’m picking probably the lightest song from the playlist.

Well, when I say light, I mean it has fluffy bunnies in it.

So that’s light, right?

So this is for the pet lovers.

This is Killa Bunnies by Moloko.

Listen to it whilst hopping.

Or eating carrots.