Grind Spark Earworm #15 – John Murphy

Time to read:

1 minute

28 Days Later

It’s Grind Spark earworm time everybody, and this week we’re sort of staying with the soundtrack theme.

Last time we listened to the hauntingly beautiful Hungry Face by Mogwai, featured on the TV series Les Revenants.

This time we’re listening to a song that still sends shivers up my spine.

A song that spreads out across an empty city, while a lone man looks at empty roads and wonders what’s happened.

A song that sets music to zombies, with a backdrop of cruel humanity.

Not that there are zombies in Grind Spark.

But if I was all alone at the end of the world, I think this is what I’d be listening to.

This is In the House, in a Heartbeat by John Murphy, as featured on the 28 Days Later soundtrack.

Listen to it alone under storm clouds.

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