Halloween is coming…

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Oh yes it is, with its claws and teeth and shifty eyes.

With its heart-warming soups and hollowed out pumpkins.

With its children that knock on your door and blackmail you into giving them a nasty case of tooth rot.

And by far and away it’s the best time of year – the nights draw in, the wind starts to bite and there’s just a million excuses to curl up with a  book by the fire.

It beats Christmas, the best thing about that being that you get to see more beards. It beats summer – the flies and the sweat and the fact that you can’t wear your favourite jumper.

So, anyways, I’m a tad excited.

And even though it’s highly unlikely I’ll be directly involved in a fancy dress party, I’ll still spend a disproportionate amount of time wondering what I would dress up as. I mean, it would DEFINITELY NOT be one of those outfits where you’re supposed to be dressed up as a witch but, y’know, it’s one of those sexy, pin-up type costumes with leather fuck-me boots and PVC hotpants.

I’d be thinking more something along the lines of Alex from A Clockwork Orange, Jack Torrance from The Shining, or some fog from, erm, The Fog. Failing that, I could actually wear one of these glowing stick man costumes ALL OF THE TIME (and then run, ruuunnnnnn through the streets, cackling crazily and waving my stick arms in the air like I think I can fly)…

But who or what would you dress up as… or are you dressing up as? A character from a book? From a film? A good old reliable zombie or ghost? The choices are endless (I haven’t tested that theory) – so fill up the comments with all of your Halloween costume desires. You’ll probably find me messing about with my makeup bag and some Photoshop…

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