An offering of festive cheer

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I will, officially, admit that it’s pretty much ok to talk about Christmas now.

And that being the case, ’tis time to wish you a wonderfully merry and festive seasonal greeting. I hope the cockles of your hearts are warmed, your glasses are full, and your fires are lit well enough to keep the zombies away…


Sorry, about that, pesky zombies get everywhere these days.

Anyway, it’s that time of year when the kids are probably overexcited and won’t go to bed and when they do they bleeding well won’t go to sleep… because… well… IT’S CHRISTMASSSS (and has Santa been yet? Has he been yet? What about now?)

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I’m offering up some festive cheer in the form of a poem. I wholeheartedly suggest reading it to children to ease them into a good night’s sleep.

A Christmas Visit

Night settles over the house. A dark,
stark blanket, cold in its icy touch. There –
stare for a while through the door, swinging, slightly open,
token light glowing from red ladybird plug. Do you see it?
A split in the shadows. Something waving,
raising gnarled and bony hands to the door,
floor creaking under black-booted feet.
A discrete tapping, scratching – nails raking down wood.
I should stay quiet if I were you –
too many children are lost on Christmas Eve,
believe me. Pull the sheets up tight now, hide
inside the feather covers, make sure you snore
before it realises you’re awake. Have you been good?
Could you have been better? Too late now! Nothing for it but
to shut your eyes tight, cross the fingers on your hands
and hope that Santa thinks you’ve been alright.

Happy Christmas and associated festive greetings, y’all.

Merry Christmas

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